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The experience of becoming a whistleblower can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. At Brooks LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience in representing whistleblowers, presenting their claims to the appropriate government authorities and, if necessary, prosecuting their claims in litigation.

It takes courage for a whistleblower to come forward with fraud allegations. We will help you navigate your pursuit of your whistleblower claim from inception to conclusion, and lead you to success.

If you believe you are aware of a fraud on the government, reach out to our law firm. We are a small firm with a large footprint, representing clients nationwide.

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Ross B. Brooks

Attorney at Law

With over 20 years of experience as a whistleblower attorney, Ross B. Brooks has generated more than $250 million in recoveries for whistleblowers and the government. Ross also advocates for unions and municipalities in whistleblower and healthcare fraud matters. Many of the cases that Ross takes on challenge large corporations in the healthcare industry alleged to have defrauded government health insurance programs. He has also prosecuted cases against defendants in the defense contracting, education, construction, finance, and other industries.

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With over 45 years of combined experience, we at Brooks LLC have the skills to convert your courage in exposing wrongdoing into a successful whistleblower case.

Data-Based Strategies

We employ investigators and data-miners who help strengthen your case with additional evidence. These collaborators help us to develop additional testimony, documentary evidence and data analytics to corroborate your allegations.

Government Relationships

Our relationships with government stakeholders help us better serve your case and deliver superior results. Your case will be investigated more efficiently and effectively as a result of our experience working with them.


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When you choose to come forward with fraud claims against your employer or other wrongdoer, turn to our effective and driven attorneys at Brooks LLC. We are dedicated to creating a winning strategy that will help you tell your story so that you can help return defrauded taxpayer funds to the government.

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DOJ Settlement of Qui Tam Claims Alongside Antitrust Claims Shows that An Additional Remedy Does Not Have to Be an Alternate Remedy

The False Claims Act (“FCA”) incentivizes whistleblowers (“relators”) to provide information to the Government that could lead to a recovery of defrauded taxpayer funds, with a share of that recovery going to the whistleblower. But sometimes a relator’s information can lead the Government to pursue claims only on its own behalf, for which there is no private right of action nor means for the relator to share in any recovery.


Taxpayers Win when Whistleblowers Bring Data-Mining Evidence to DOJ

Whistleblowers who present healthcare data analytics (“data-mining”) in their False Claims Act (“FCA”) complaints can add tremendous value to the Government’s investigation of their claims. And with rapid advancements in technology such as predictive artificial intelligence and biometric data collection, and with tech firms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Comcast joining the healthcare industry in earnest, the value of data-mining to healthcare fraud investigations will only continue to grow.

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Put your whistleblower case in the right hands and Brooks LLC in your corner. With Brooks LLC, your best interests and well-being will be our top priority as we tirelessly work to bring about the best result for your case.

Our team is dedicated to pursuing the best strategy for achieving success in your case. Contact us today to request a consultation. We have successfully pursued cases on a nationwide basis and we are prepared to prosecute your case whether you are located.