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The Brooks Law Firm, LLC Founder has been quoted in the press on victories in cases he has led and other newsworthy matters.

Noteworthy Settlements

Omnicare - $116 million
(N.D.Ohio. 2013)
“This result stands as a powerful example of how the False Claims Act empowers Americans to help fight fraud on the government that, in the end, hurts all taxpayers." – Reuters, October 23, 2013

Medline - $91 million
(N.D.Ill. 2011)
“It is impossible for the DOJ to pursue all of the valid fraudulent claims that come forward [given] it has limited resources and Medicare and Medicaid fraud are particularly rampant in the country.” – L+S, March 24, 2011

Meridian - $5.1 million
(M.D. Tenn. 2014)
“This is one of very few cases to allege successfully that payments of ownership interests in an ASC to physicians in exchange for patient referrals are kickbacks that violate the False Claims Act. Those seeking to disguise illegal kickbacks as legitimate business transactions or standard industry practice should take heed that the Government will be scrutinizing more of these arrangements in future qui tam investigations.” – PR Newswire, September 10, 2014

Pathway Genomics -$4.1 million
(S.D.Ca. 2016)
“As a result of the improper remuneration paid through this illegal kickback scheme, the company submitted hundreds of false and non-reimbursable claims for payments based on prohibited [genetic testing] referrals to Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs.” –, January 2, 2016

Medtronic - $4.4 million
(D.Minn. 2014)
"Today's settlement is the second settlement against a medical device company for violating the Trade Agreements Act by misrepresenting the ‘Country of Origin' of goods sold under contract to U.S. Government agencies." – MarketWatch, April 2, 2015

Other News

Brooks Law Firm Obtains Ruling Denying DePuy's Motion to Dismiss FCA Complaint
"DePuy...has failed to demonstrate that Relators violated any relevant court order in pleading allegations in the [operative complaint]."
–United States ex rel Nargol and Langton v. DePuy Orthopaedics et al (12-cv-10896) (D.Mass. July 6, 2021) (Dkt. #542)

Doctors Say No Secret Info Used In FCA Suit Against J&J
"Ross B. Brooks of The Brooks Law Firm, representing the doctors, told Law360 on Friday, 'We believe the facts show that J&J's motion to dismiss should be denied. Drs. Nargol and Langton will be eager to proceed with the next steps in discovery once their pending motions are resolved.'”
– Law360, March 6, 2020

1st Circuit Court of Appeals Allows Whistleblower to Use Statistics to Satisfy Complaint Pleading Standards
“As the court ruled, when a manufacturer sells many thousands of medical devices to providers, and more than half of the devices fall outside of their FDA-approved specifications, it is statistically certain that false claims were submitted to the government.”
– Law360, July 26, 2017

Health Plans Facing More Kickback Risk
"[T]his was the first opinion in which the placement of a product on a formulary satisfied the anti-kickback statute for the purposes of False Claims Act litigation...The forgiveness of debt was an inducement to receive placement on a Medicare Advantage formulary.”
– HealthLeaders Media, June 28, 2018

Humana, Roche Diagnostics Face $45M Federal Kickback Lawsuit
"The Court affirms the important principle that financial arrangements between managed care organizations and pharmaceutical companies are not immune from the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute... This decision is critical as watchdog groups scrutinize secretive financial arrangements among pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and insurance companies."
– HealthPayerIntelligence, June 14, 2018