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Ross is a superb lawyer with complete mastery of False Claims Act Litigation. He is my go-to for any such matter, and his firm and his own win record and reputation with the Justice Department as well as the percentages recovered for his clients are superior. The prosecutors greatly admire the level of detail and evidence in his submissions, key to a great intervention rate and high recovery to the client. Defendants want to settle because Ross and his team litigate and win cases turned down by the U.S. Attorney. Also, very nice person who makes an excellent impression on high-powered attorneys and clients to whom I introduce him.

- Employment Lawyer Charles Joseph of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP

Ross' intelligence, conscientiousness, and attention to detail have been critical to the survival and progress of our case in the face of our adversary's massive resources.

- Dr. David Langton, Client

When it comes to qui tam it would be hard to find a more dedicated team than the one I worked with on my case led by Ross Brooks. Ross and his team worked tirelessly to ensure my claim was filed swiftly and effectively. It was clear in his interactions with the justice department that Ross was well respected, experienced, and had a good working relationship with them. Years later, I remain in contact with Ross and continue to appreciate his consistent efforts to exceed all professional expectations. I highly recommend Ross Brooks and his qui tam team.

- Angie Silva, Client

Ross has taken me through a journey of difficult legal issues and has a great ability to foresee events and pursue a wise course of action.

- Dr. Tony Nargol, Client

I want to congratulate my friend and fellow whistleblower lawyer Ross Brooks for some great work he did in a suit that tried to stop some really callous treatment of schoolchildren – special education kids, at that.

- Attorney Lee Wallace of The Wallace Law Firm, LLC

Being a whistleblower isn't easy, but Ross was with me each step of the way, from first assessing the merits of the case up through settlement negotiations. Not only did he help me reach a favorable monetary outcome, but this process brought about positive changes at my former employer.

- E.A., Anonymous Whistleblower

I can recommend Brooks LLC to anyone thinking about becoming a whistleblower, without qualification. In my whistleblower case, Ross and his team were not only able to get the government to intervene and to award me a significant share of the government’s recovery, but the entire investigation took only about one year.

- M.G., Anonymous Whistleblower